• The world-famous Bodrum Peninsula is one of the paradise corners of Turkey with its 3,500 years of history, culture and art inherited from ancient civilisations, natural beauties, unique architecture, agricultural richness, gastronomy, climate, sea and magnificent bays, entertainment life that lasts until the morning, qualified and different concept accommodation facilities that meet every need of visitors.
    • Istanbul, one of the oldest cities in the world, was the capital of the Roman Empire between 330-395, the Byzantine Empire between 395-1204, the Latin Empire between 1204-1261, the Byzantine Empire again between 1261-1453 and finally the Ottoman Empire between 1453-1922. Istanbul was also the centre of the Islamic world from 1517, when the Caliphate passed to the Ottoman Empire, until 1924, when it was abolished.
    • The old name of the city is Meğri. This name is thought to derive from the Greek name Makri, meaning "distant land." It is particularly developed in terms of tourism. Its population in 2014 was 140.509. It is the largest district of Muğla and the district with the largest surface area and settlement area, including the centre of Muğla. It is also larger than Muğla centre and other districts in terms of population density.
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