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Republic of Turkey is located at intersection of the Asia and Europe continentals in the northern hemisphere and surrounded Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea and Black Sea. Neighbors are Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Irak and Syria. Turkey is biggest country after Germany in the Europe, population is 75 million and official language is Turkish. Young population structure is one of very important specialities of population density. The ratio of people under the age of 30 in Turkey is a unique in the world. %99 percent of population is Muslim, the Capital City is Ankara and the biggest city is Istanbul. Marmara Region is the most developed place in means of trade and industry so population intensity is rather high in this part of Turkey. Population intensity is also seen in fertile soils near sea and rivers.

Because of the geopolitical position, Turkey is one of the most strategic country in the World and located in a conjunction  called as Old World Lands Asia, Europa and African. Turkey is not only a bridge in between western and eastern civilizations but also the only bridge in between all religions.
Turk culture joined different civilizations  throughout the history and became one of the richest culture in human history.
Another unique speciality of Turkey is that Turkey has 4 seasons tourism potential appropriate all kind of needs. We can count various tourism options as following;
●        Thermal and Health Tourism by rich and health-giving thermal waters,
●        Winter tourism by high mountains having snow on it all seasons and ski resorts,
●        Tableland tourism inside the Turkey rich culture of living different in every city,
●        Cave tourism with 40.000 caves known as the cave paradise in the world,
●        Hunting tourism by geopolitical structure, flora and wild life,
●        Convention tourism by the advantage of being in a point where Asia and Europe connected.
●        Golf tourism with golf facilities over international standart
●        Youth tourism by facilities and camping giving cheap holiday possibilities,
●        Yacht tourism; bays and inlets with wonderful beauties and marines
●        Botanic tourism by climate variety and unique flora
●        Silk road tourism, Turkey is in a very important conjunction of the the historical silk road starting from China passing through Middle Asia reaching to Europe.
●        Faith tourism, Turkey hosted many religions and people from different believes throguhout history.
●        Air Sports tourism like paragliding, planor, parachute, baloon, hang-glider
●        Mountaion tourism, by plenty of mountains having different altitudes and rich flora and fauna.
●        Scuba diving tourism, by important sunken ships and underwater caves
●        Birdwatching tourism, by 450 species of birds letting people to recognize the nature in birds world

History, culture and outstanding natural beauty that has nested in Turkey is one of the world's few tourist paradise which continues  these properties these days. Especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions of the country, summer tourism is highly developed. We can count Antalya, Alanya, Marmaris, Kusadasi, Bodrum, Fethiye and Kas towns as most intense Summer tourism places.

South Aegean, Izmir, Cesme, Canakkale, Kusadasi, Bodrum, Datca, Bozburun, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, especially in the Mediterranean beaches Kalkan, Kas, Phoenicia, Kemer and Antalya, Mersin shores wonder of nature.

We recommend you not to return to your country without tasting the flavors of the traditional Turkish Cuisine. According to gastronomic experts, Turkish cuisine is one of the world's richest cuisine with hundreds of different dishes, and in all regions and provinces vary greatly in type and cooking techniques. In every region, as well as its own well-known kebabs, also the other foods lie pastries, olive oil, stews and dishes are very common. Turkish cuisine, revealed the specific types and  healthy food like yogurt, molasses, wheat and so on.

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