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Nevsehir is located in Central Anatolia Region and has an area of ​​5,467 sq km and a population of approximately 282 thousand. The city which is famous for its impressive view mostly announced its name with fairy chimneys. Its history begins in about 3000 B.C and it is known as the Kingdom of Cappadocia. The city hosted a lot of civilizations such as Hittites, Persians, Macedonians, Seleucids, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans.


Gülsehir : It is 20 km away from Nevsehir. There are many historical structures such as; St. John Church, Sivasa Gökçetoprak underground city, Sayyid Pasha mosque, madrasa and fountain.

Kozakli : It is 100 km away from Nevsehir and announced its name with its hot spring water. It is preferred by patients thanks to its healing chlorinated and calcium water. 

Acigöl : It is on the route of Aksaray – Nevsehir and 20 km away from city center. Its history begins in 8th century B.C and it is stated as the oldest settlement. 

Derinkuyu :
It is 29 km away from Nevsehir and its old name was Melegobia. There is Derinkuyu underground city which is the deepest underground city which is 85 m deep and it was opened in 1967. As a result of volcanic eruptions, land is unsuitable for agriculture.


Nevsehir Castle : It is said to be built by Seljuks on a hill in the old settlement area. There are two gates in front of and behind the castle. It is mended in Ottoman period and restrored in 1979 recently.

Uchisar Castle : It is the biggest fairy chimney and on the summit of Cappadocia. The castle is 10 km away from the city center and rules the city by its view. There are carved old cave, a large number of carved cubes, carved tombs and a large sarniç.

Ortahisar Castle : It is on the route of Ürgüp – Nevsehir and 179 m high. There are natural cold storage in Ortahisar Castle. 

Goreme Open Air Museum : It is 13 km away from city center and 2 km from Göreme. This place is a rock settlement. Between 4th and 13th centuries A.D monastic life has been lived in the region. There are churches, chapels, dining halls, seating places in the rock blocks. In Göreme open air museum there are; Boys and Girls Monastery, Church of St. Barbara, St.Basil's Church, the Apple Church, Snake Church, Dark Church, crackle and Buckle Church.

Sarihan Caravanserai : It is 4 km away from Avanos town. It was built in the era of Izzettin Keykavus in 1249 on 2000 m2 area. It was repaired in 1991 and was transformed into the original shape. 

Ihlara Valley : The valley is in a 10 km area and there are about 100 historic church. Yilanli, Direkli ve Egritas churches are the undamaged ones. 

Nevsehir Museum : It is in Nevsehir city center and contains about 7000 historic monuments. It consists of an introduction and two-floor exhibition galleries. In the ground floor, sarcophagi, a variety of old medieval stones, sculptures, some animal fossils and bones are on display. In the other sections of the museum there are; a variety of used equipment, ornaments, religious-themed items, weapons, kitchen tools. 
It consists some historic places such as;

Açiksaray Örenyeri : It is 3 km away from Gülsehir and on the route of Gülsehir – Nevsehir road. 

Cavusin Church :
It is on the route Göreve – Avonos and it is 2,5 km away from Göreme. It is estimated that the church was built in 964 – 965. 

Goreme Open Air Museum : The museum is 12 kilometers away from Nevsehir, it was opened in 1967. Nuns and Priests Monastery, Saint Basil Chapel, Chapel of St. Barbara, Snake church are the important churches and monasteries.
Kaymakli Underground City: It is 19 km away from Nevsehir. It has 5000 capacity and 8 stories. It is visited by thousands of tourists every year. 

Mazi Underground City : The ancient name of the city was "Mataza". It is 18 km away from Ürgüp. There are rock tombs from the Byzantine period and Early Roman period on both slopes of the Valley. 
Ozkonak Underground City: It is 14 km away from Avonos. There are an air funnel, water well, a winery and rolling stone doors in underground city. 

St. Jean Church : The church is located at the entrance of Gülsehir and there are; wine cellar, graves, water channels and rooms of the staff. There is also a chuch which is decorated with biblical scenes.

Tatlarin Underground City and the Church : It is located 10 km away from Acigöl town and one of the popular places. It was identified in 1975 and opened its doors in 1991.

Zelve Örenyeri : It is 5 km away from Avonos and 1 km away from Pasabaglari. It is located on the slopes of Aktepe.

Mosques and Complexes

Dâmâd Ibrahim Pasa Complex: It was built by Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha in 18th century. It consists of mosque, library, primary school, a soup kitchen and bath. 

Kara Camii ( Black Mosque) : It was built by Grand Vizier Damad Ibrahim Pasha in 1715. …it was made of cut Stone and it has a single balcony.

Karavezir Complex : It is in Gülsehir. It was built by Karavezir Pasha in 1779. It consists mosque, madrasa and fountain. 

Kizilkaya Village Mosque :
It is in Kizilkaya village in Gülsehir.It is estimated to have been built according to its inscription.

Stone Mosque : It is in Turk village in Gülsehir and it is estimated to have been built in 13th century. Today the mosque is ruined. 

Haci Bektas Veli Dervish Convent and Complex :
It was built by Haci Bektas-i Veli in 14th century. There are; Çilehane, convent, mausoleum, mosque and fountains in the complex. 

Tashunpasa Complex : It is in Damse village in Ürgüp. It was built in the era of Karamanogullari. It is estimated that it was built in 14th century. As a result of researches, it is learnd that the complex was used as a palace before


By road ; Istanbul is 730 km, Izmir is 760 km, Ankara is 276 km.

Airline :
Nevsehir-Cappadocia Airport is located 30 km away from the city center.