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Kusadasi is a port city i the borders of Aydin with its population of 81,000 and area of 264 km2. It is 71 km far from Aydin. Its old name was Güvercinada and it became a district in 1965. Its position to Greece Sasom island, Virgin Mary house, Ephesus and some historical structures made this place an important tourism center. In addition, with its marina and various opportunities, it has been one of the most important ports of Turkey. 


The history of the city started with the domination of Persians B.C early V. century. Respectively, Lelegs in about 3000, Aeoleyans in B.C 11th century, Ions in B.C 9th, the Lydians in B.C 7th century, Persians in B.C 546 and Macedonian Alexander the Great in B.C 334 ruled the city.


Davutlar : It is 70 km away from the Aydin city center and 17 km away from Kusadasi. 

Güzelçamli : Güzelçamli has a population of 10,000. It is neighboring to the Dilek National Park and Samsun Mountains with a 30 km coastline. It is located at the 23 km south of city center. In 1992 Güzelçamli became a city. It is one of the important tourism place in Turkey with its beaches, bays, nature, history and 3000 bed capacity accomodation facilities.


Güvercin Adasi (Pigeon Island) : There is a castle in the island which was built by Ottomans in 1800s. Its walls are 2,5 meters high and it covers the island totally. This island has a fascinating view and there are café, restaurants and gardens.

Neopolis : This city was the first settlement for the Ions and it is very close to Güvercin ada.

Kadi Castle : It is located on the route Kusadasi-Davutlar. It was built by Venetians and the Byzantines. Some part of the castle has been restored in 1976 and archeological investigations are still ongoing in the area of excavations house.

KURSUNLU MONASTERY : The monastery is in Guzelcamli National Park area. It is 11 km to the town and it is located on a 600 m high hill. The monastery is from 11th century and it is worth to see for its location and spectacular views.

KALEIÇI MOSQUE : It was built in 1618 by Grand Vizier Öküz Mehmet Pasha. 
Öküz Mehmet Pasha Caravanserai: It was built in 1618 by Grand Vizier Öküz Mehmet Pasha on the route to Güvercinada. There are a hotel, a swimming pool, a fountain and a variety of souvenir shops. 

NATIONAL PARK : The park is in Güzelçamli town. With its 11,000 hectares natural forest it has a rare vegetation. Within the boundaries of the park to the sea, it has many reptile species, bird species and a large number of mammalian animals. The park is under protection and it serves beaches and picnic areas fort he puclic.

EPHESUS : Ephesus was founded by Alexander the Great in B.C. 300. There are; Vedius Gymnasium Stadium, the Acropolis, Byzantine Bath, Double Churches (Church of the consul), Harbour Baths, Arkadiana (Harbour Street), Theatre Gymnasium, Theater, Commercial Agora, Marble Street, the Celsus Library, Love House, Skolastika Bath, Hadrian's Temple, the Terrace Houses, Trajan Fountain, the Temple of Domitian, the State Agora City Hall and the Odeon.

VIRGIN MARY'S HOUSE : It is 9 km away from Selçuk. It is known as the Christian holy place. Christian clergy accepted that Mary lived here and in 1892 it has allowed for the religious ceremony. In 1961 Pope Johannes 23 declared here as a place of pilgrimage, and it has announced its name to whole world.

ARTEMIS TEMPLE : The temple was established on the route Selcuk-Kusadasi in Ephesus. It is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. The structure was built on an area of 600 square meters. Width is 55 meters and height is 25 meters.

It was built by Byzantines in VII and VIII centuries on Selçuk Ayansuluk hill. There are three entrance around the castle. The most impressive of them is overlooking the ancient city of Ephesus.

Büyük Menderes Delta National Park :
The park is 28 km away from Kusadasi and in the same borders with Söke. National park consists sandy, clay, beaches, very rich flora, fauna, caves, valleys and canyons. 


Karaca Cave: Features : This is a passive cave and there are travertine pools, a few small ponds.

Sirtlanini Cave : The cave is near the ruins of Aphrodisias in Karacasu in Narligedik Village. It has lenght of 348 meters. It begins with a very narrow mouth and the deepest place is -32 meters.

Cave of Zeus : It is on the left side of Dilek Peninsula National Park. The water in this place which is 10-15 meters deep transformed it to a pool. It is open to the puclic and is allowed to swim.


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Highway : Kusadasi is 160 km away from Mugla city center, 85 km from Izmir, 185 km from Denizli, 650 km from Ankara and 660 km from Istanbul.

Seaway : There are ferries between Kusadasi-Samos a few times each day. In addition, domestic and foreign tourist enterprises provide access to the port of Kusadasi.