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Kemer is a town in Antalya and 40 km far from Antalya city center. It is located at the foot of Taurus Mountains and it has a population of 45.000 with 53.483 km2 area and 52 km long coastline. In 1930, 23 km of stone walls were wowed at the foot of the mountain in order to protect the village against the flood, because of this feature the village took the name Kemer (Belt). Kemer became a municipal in 1986 and after that date rapid development has started and touristic organizations established. This city is also one of the tourism centers of the country and it serves domestic and foreign tourists with it’s a capacity of 320 yachts modern marina. 


Çamyuva: The town is 7 km far and at the south of town center. The place is close to the historical structures such as Olympos and Phasalis. This place takes tourists’ attention with its hotels, guesthouses and resorts. 
Göynük: It is the most beautiful resort of Kemer with is blue flag and natural beauty. Göynük Canyon is also in this place which is famous for its 6 km length and extraordinary views.

Beldibi : The town is located in "Olympos Beach Mountains National Park". It became a town in 1994 and today it is a touristic place with its holiday villages, 5 star hotels, pensions, and sandy beaches.

Tekirova : It is surrounded by mountains on three sides, 50 km far from Antalya and 17 km from Kemer city center. This place is suitable for diving. Three islands and Tahtalı mountain (2800 m) is also in Tekirova.

Phaselis: This city is 35 km far from Antalya and 15 from Kemer. It is founded as a three port city. Kemer’s history which lasts for about 4 thousand years starts with Phaselis. Phaselis was founded by Rhodes VII century B.C. After the occurrence of the Persians in Anatolia the city dominated by Persians and then Alexander the Great defeated the Persians and took the city. After Alexander's death, the city was given to the Ptolemaioses in Egypt and then it was given to Rhodes Kingdom with the peace of Apameia. After the year 160 B.C the city passed the Lycian Union which was under the rule of Rome. Lastly, the city went under the sovereignty of the Turks by Seljuks.

There is also a museum in Phaselis where some historic artefacts preserved. In addition, it is famous for its ruin that is the connection of mountain-forest-sea and beach.

Olympus : Starting with Çıralı Olympos Beach (3200 meters) and ends with Yanartaş (Chimaera) Mountain. It is one of the most important port cities of ancient Lycia. It is rumored that it was the shelter of pirates thanks to its location. Olympos has a worldwide fame with its 3 km magnificent beach which is surrounded by greenery, endemic plants, Caretta carettas and wooden houses which are operated as pension.

Çıralı : Çıralı is located in Olympus Mountains National Park. It is 35 km from Kemer. It is a port city which was founded in II. century. The city is on both sides of a valley and it can be reached on foot in an hour from Olympos. Çıralı is famous for its mountain (name: Yanar) beach, nature and caretta carettas.

İdyros Ancient City : The ruins of the ancient city emerged during an excavation by Antalya Museum in 1977. In addition, the residues of Byzantine walls, three-door lintel, a wall like an apse and church ruins were uncovered. Byzantine ruins are seen along the coast of Ayışığı Beach Bay.

Beldibi Cave : It was found in 1956. It is in the form of a shelter which is 25 meters high from sea coast. In excavations, 6 layers that contain Mesolithic cultures and Mesolithic flint tools have been identified. In addition, pottery which has been mixed with dough, vessels, micro pens, months, stemends, handle knives, arrowheads and sickle-blade were found. The mountain goats and deer pictures on the walls of the cave is remarkable.


Mountain-rock climbing, caving, climbing, rafting, jeep safari, mountain biking, nature photography and many sport activities have been done in the city. It is a region where diving sport has been done heavily. Three islands and Phaselis Bay are ideal diving centers with their underwater wealth. In addition, the International Underwater Days are made​ in Kemer​.

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A lot of farm businesses has been established in Çamyuva town with wide opportunities and activities. In these farms, horse riding training, tours and jungle tours to ancient cities are made.

Offshore race organizations are held once a year in Kemer.

One of the most famous organizations of the World, World Rally Championship “Rally of Turkey” is done in Kemer.

Kemer’s suitable mountain and natural structure made Enduro sport popular. It is one of the nature sports of the city.

Transportation: Istanbul is 780km far by road. Muğla 350 km, Ankara 600 km, Izmir 550 km and Denizli 260 km far.

Air transport: The city is 52 km far from Antalya airport.