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Turkey Rent a Car has been at your service with its experienced and qualified staff all over Turkey and is happy to meet the needs of its customers with its suitable vehicle portfolio and unlimited service suitable for every budget. The inspection and maintenance of the vehicles of our company including car rental, family-type vehicle rental, jeep rental, minibus rental, station wagon rental, minivan rental, and private rental services, are periodically performed by the authorized services of the vehicles. Turkey Rent a Car always aims to set a higher standard with the pride of being one of the names that first come to minds when car rental is considered in Kayseri.

Kayseri, which is one of the fast developing and remarkable cities in Turkey and develops in terms of economics, culture and sport and urban development, is known to be the centre of the trade. One of the most remarkable features of Kayseri is that Mount Erciyes, which has become a symbol of Kayseri in the Central Anatolian region, is becoming the world's second biggest winter tourism attraction after the Alps. Kayseri-Mt. Erciyes is one of the precious centers of the region with the potential to become a new ski center of Turkey. 


There are eleven check-in counters in the international terminal departure lounge in Kayseri Airport. In the Terminal building, there is a health unit providing 24 hour service, a buffet, a restaurant, a cafe-bar, and car rental offices. You can find several transport facilities around the clock in front of Kayseri Airport. Also our professional team partners will be there at your service to meet you to deliver you the car you rent from Turkey Car Hire or offer you taxi transfer service. The airport is 6 km away from the city centre. 


The Steppe climate prevails in Kayseri.  Winters are cold and snowy; summers are hot and dry. Typical continental climate of Central Anatolia region prevails. 


Yahyalı and Bunyan carpets are the ones Kayseri is famous for. Tourists in Kayseri must buy one before they return to their countries. Again, tourist can also buy delicious sausages and pastrami in any shops when they come to Kayseri. It is possible to find various famous brands and equipment about winter sports in the shopping malls such as Kayseri Park, Ipek Saray, Almer and Kaseria. 


You can find numerous hotels and motels suitable for every budget in the centre and districts of Kayseri. Some of them are Hilton Kayseri, Novotel, Ibis Hotel, City One Hotel…

Food and Drink

Mantı (Turkish-type ravioli) is the most famous food in Kayseri. It is very common to make and eat Mantı, which is also sold in the bazaars, in the houses. There are nearly 36 types of manti in Kayseri. The most common type of manti is the one made with meat. Flour and meat are the two most important ingredients of Kayseri cuisine. Local food is also preferred apart from the traditional Turkish cuisine. Pastrami and sausages are the two things remembered when Kayseri is mentioned. Noodle is another popular food in Kayseri. It is cooked as pasta and soup. Water heurek is the most frequently cooked type of pastry. 

Places to See

Mount Erciyes, mosques, madrasahs, tombs, religious places, inns, baths, covered bazaar are some of the important historical assets. If you like winter sports and are looking for an alternative place, we recommend you to see Erciyes Ski Center. Erciyes is an extinct volcano and 3.916 m high and the highest mountain in the Central Anatolia. Mountaineering is also another activity that can be carried out apart from skiing. Erciyes is also a suitable place for nature tourism with its rich natural beauties. Zamanta River, which is great for rafting, is another wonder of tourism. Kayseri, where you can go for mountain walks and go trekking, offers good opportunities to its visitors with Sultan Reeds bird sanctuary. Nature life also provides great contributions to the development of nature tourism.

If you want to enjoy rich geographical diversity of Kayseri, contact us immediately and rent a car you need. Select the type of the vehicle you need to drive around Kayseri and be an early bird and pay less. Our car rental services in Kayseri include rental cars, transfers, family-type vehicle rent, jeep rental, minibus rental, station wagon rental, minivan rental, private car rental. 

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