Car hire in Izmir Adnan Menderes




Turkey Car Hire has been at your service with its experienced and qualified staff to meet your needs in the car rental sector for over 20 years. The inspection and maintenance of the vehicles of our company, which offers car rental, family-type vehicle rental, jeep rental, minibus rental, station wagon rental, minivan rental, private car rental and transfer services, are performed periodically by the authorized services of the vehicles. Turkey Car Hire always aims to set a higher standard with the pride of being one of the names remembered first when car rental is considered necessary in Izmir.

Izmir is one of the third most developed cities in Turkey. Izmir is a praiseworthy city for its developed urban structure, modern people and being a busy trade center. Izmir, swinging just like a pearl alongside the Aegean, harbors a great history and cultural wealth with its 8.500 years of history. Izmir is suitable for various types of tourism due to its geographical position, cultural and historical wealth, and its being a metropolis. It is the most European city of Turkey and a transit point between various regions, (both in the sea, and on land and in the air). Climatic structure is suitable for tourism, and socio-cultural structure is also suitable for cultural activities and art events. It has a 629 km-long coastline, 101 km of which contain completely natural beaches.


The International Terminal of Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport has a capacity of 5 million passengers and there are 66 check-in counters and 36 passport control cabins, a lot of passenger lifts, toilets for the disabled, baby care rooms and a lot of baggage conveyors, information offices and a prayer room in the Terminal building. In the International Terminal building, there are international departure and arrival lounges, a vip lounge, a cip lounge, cafeterias, restaurants, duty free shops, souvenir shops, PTT, banks, tourism information offices, car rental offices and offices belonging to airport companies. The airport is only 17 km away from the city centre. You can find several transport facilities around the clock in front of Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. Also our professional team partners will be there at your service to meet you to deliver you the car you rent from Turkey Car Hire or offer you taxi transfer service.

Accommodation in Izmir

You can find several hotels and motels suitable for every budget in the centre and districts of Izmir. Some of them are Crowne Plaza Izmir Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Swiss Grand Efes, Movenpick Hotel…


Food in Izmir and its districts is really rich in diversity and it is a combination of the Aegean, Mediterrenean and Anatolian cuisines. Those coming to mind first are Izmir kofte (meat balls), types of fish, Famous kumru (a kind of sandwich) and boyoz (a kind of donut).

If you are curious about the unique beauty of the nature and rich culture of Izmir, contact us immediately and rent a car you need. Select the type of the vehicle you need to drive around Izmir, and be an early bird and pay less. Our car rental services in Izmir include rental cars, transfers, family-type vehicle rental, jeep rental, minibus rental, station wagon rental, minivan rental, private car rental, transfers …

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