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Bursa is located in Marmara region with its 11,043 km2 area and population of 1,603,137. It is the fifth biggest city in Turkey and it has the statue of Metropolitan Municipality. Bursa is higly developed in industry, tourism, agricultural labor and trade. It provides full employment opportunities economically.

Bursa is famous for its historical richness, Uludag, sea, spas, parks, museums, bazaar, mosques and natural beauties. 

There are; 

9 churches, 78 mosques, 11 spa centers, 9 bridges, 18 inns, 9 museums,33 tombs, 8 madrasas, 14 castles and fortifications, 12 parks, 5 universities, 10hospitals, 26 health centers and 8 major shopping centers in Bursa which means this city is a specially equipped big city.


Some of 17 districts: Mudanya, Büyükorhan, Harmancık, Inegol, Iznik,Karacabey, Keles, Mustafakemalpaşa, Orhaneli, Yenişehir and Orhangazi.

Central Districts:

Osmangazi : It is the third biggest district in Turkey with its population of 753,000 and 32 villages and 2 towns. The largest of the central districts, Osmangazi consists Nilüfer River and Bursa plain in its 116,520 km2 area. It is the most developed district of Bursa thanks to its economically high potential industry. It brought fame to Bursa with its historical and cultural values. 

Yıldırım : It is located at the foothills of Uludag and it has 399 km2 area and a population of 575,450 with 66 parishes an done village.
Name of the city comes from Ottoman Emperor Yıldırım Bayezıd. This city is highly developed in agriculture, education and health. It is one of the tourism centers with its historical places.

Nilüfer :
This city takes its name from the Nilüfer River. It has a population of 251,000 and 6 towns and 25 villages. It economic power is high thanks to advanced industry and agriculture. 

Various historical buildings in the district such as Hipodrom were included to natural sites, by this way, its villages, Tepecik Höyügü and Akçalar Aktopraklık Höyügü has become important for tourism. 

Gürsu : This city has a population of 55,500 and 118 km2 area. In 1990 it became municipality. It contains 6 villages, 1 town and 8 parishes. It is a historical city that people’s main source of livelihood is agriculture. 

Kestel :
It has a population of 45,000. It consists 1 municipality, 1 town and 29 villages. The most important factors on the economic development in the city are cement, textile and automotive factories.

Gemlik : There are nearly 100,000 population in this city. It is the oldest district of Bursa and it has coast to Marmara Sea. A large amount of industry comes from olives, fruit and vegetable production and also domestic and abroad export provides a big profit. The town is also developed in tourism. There are hotel, motel, camping and hostels are serving for tourists. 


History of Bursa started about 700 B.C. and the founder of the city was king of Bithynia Prusias. After the 7th century B.C. Bityns moved to city and gave the city name Bithynia. In 74 B.C Roman dominated Bithynia and A.C 385-1326 Byzantines ruled the city. 

In 555 A.C production of silk started in the city and it became a spa town of its era. 

Even if in 1307 Osman Bey took the city, it can be captured by his son Orhan Bey in 1326. In 1335 Bursa became the capital city of Ottomans and developed rapidly. Some public structures such as almshouse, darussifa and Orhangazi Complex has built in city. In 1363 Murat Hüdavendigar changed the capital city as Edirne and then after Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered İstanbul, Bursa’s active role has finished. 

During the national struggle in 1920, even if Bursa occupied by Greeks, after 30th August (Victory) War, it became a Turkish city again. Bursa has hosted many civilizations with their famous leaders and finished its historical journey in Turkey.


Saitabat Waterfall: The canyon that Saitabat waterfall flows is at the slopes of Uludag. It is 21 km to Bursa and 9 km to Cumalıkızık village. There are picnic areas and restaurants in Saitabat.

Ottoman House Museum: The museum is in Muradiye district and it looks like a 17th century structure in terms of architecture. This historical building is one of the oldest house and serves as a museum. 

Turkish-Islamic Arts Museum (the Green Madrasa): It is in Bursa city center and it is also known as Sultaniye Madrasa. Architect Hacı İvaz Paşa built this madrasa between 1414-1424 and it is displayed as a museum today. There are 13 madrasa rooms, mining, ceramic and wood works, weapons, manuscripts, Islamic coins, Islamic inscriptions and tombstones in the museum. 

Uludag: The first place that comes to mind first in Uludag when somebody says Bursa. It was known as Olympos Mysia in ancient times. Uludag is 2,543 m high. It is the most famous winter sports center of Turkey in tourism sector. There are lots of hotels, motels, restaurants and night clubs in the ski center. 

Ayvaini Cave: It is located 30 km far from the town Mustafakemalpaşa. Ayvaini Cave has a length of 5.5 km. There are travertine that were shaped as stalagmites and stalactites, Karadonlu Creek and 60 large and small ponds.

Trilye (Zeytinbagi): It is famous for fish, Beach and the natural beauty, historic architecture, olives and wine. There are 7 churches and 3 sacred springs but they are in ruins. Columns were brought from Alexandria. It is known as the first church in the world that wall painting were made fort he first time. In addition clergy that are known as three saints Aya Yani, Aya Yorgi and Aya Sotiri lived in this place. 

Bursa Zoo: It opened in 1998 with its 200,000 km2 area in Bursa Soganlı. There are; snake, alligator, iguana, pelicans, ducks, şamingo, ostrich, hawk, vulture, kelaynak, bears, wolves, pig, camel, deer, antelope, leopard, lama, wild donkey, lion, monkeys, peacocks, poultry, cows, sheep and goats in the zoo. 

Çekirge Hot Springs: These springs are in the city center of Çekirge and all hotels and hospitals are related with them. .they good fort he diseases such as rheumatic diseases, blood vessel blockages, diabetes, gout and metabolic disorders, liver and biliary tract with their curative water. 

Bursa SukayPark: It is in Çukurca district and has 100,000 km2 area. There are 35,000 m2 pond, about 5,000 m2 island, green areas and sports fields in this facility. 

Local Dishes: İskender Kebab is one of the most famous food which has been made since 1867 in this region. In addition, İnegöl Köfte, Kemalpaşa Desset, Pideli Köfte, walnut delight, trout, Cantık, Çig börek and Kuzu Kapama are local dishes of Bursa. 


Airline: Bursa airport is located 8 km far from the city center.
Shipping: There is freight in Gemlik port. There are boat trips between Mudanya and İstanbul.
Highway: Ankara is 380 km, Kocaeli 130 km, Yalova 70 km, İstanbul 240 km, İzmir 320 km and Antalya is 530 km far from Bursa.

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