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Ankara is the second biggest city of Turkey with its 30,715 sq km land and 5,001,972 population. It is located in Central Anatolia Region. As a metropolitan city, Ankara is the starting point in a lot of points such as transportation, historical richness, education, economy, tourism and geographical features. 

It is famous for its Angora cat, rabbit, pear, goat, honey, crocus and muscatel. 


There are 24 districts of Ankara. They are:
Altindag, Evren, Cankaya, Kecioren, Mamak, Sincan, Yenimahalle, Akyurt,
Bala, Çamlidere, Çubuk, Elmadag, Golbasi, Güdül, Haymana, Kalecik, Kazan, Kizilcahamam, Nallihan, Polatli, Sereflikoçhisar and Etimesgut.


The first settlements were made by the Hatti in the years after 2500-1700 BC. With the collaption of Hittites city passed to the Phrygians. Phrygians were beaten by Sumerians B.C 700 and they captured the city but it stayed under the rule of the Lydians for 140 years. 
Chronologically, the Achaemenid (the Persians), Macedonians, Galatians (Celts), Romans, Seljuks and the Ottomans ruled this land. In 1923, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founded the Republic of Turkey and Ankara have been selected as the capital city and it have been till today. 
Historical Places and Places to See

Anitkabir : It is the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. It is one of the best projects around the world that has unique eye-catching details. Its architecture opened to competition in 1941, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Czechoslovakia participated with 49 projects in total but Prof. Architect. Emin Onat and Assoc. Orhan Arda has seen and been adopted for the project. Building of 9 year construction was started in 1944, was completed in 1953. Atatürk's body was taken from the Ethnographical Museum and transferred to Anitkabir with a great ceremony. Ataturk's Mausoleum has an area of ​​750 thousand square meters. There are lions road, the ceremonial square, Independence Tower, Freedom Tower, Defense of Rights Tower , Mehmetcik Tower, the Victory Tower, the Tower of Peace, April 23 Tower, the Tower of the National Pact, Tower of the Revolution, Victory Reliefs, Mausoleum and works of Hall of Honor inside. 


Museum of Anatolian Civilizations : Restoration of Kursunlu Han and Mahmut Pasa Bazaar in Atpazari city began in 1938. It is opened as a museum in 1968. In 1997, it is chosen and received "European Museum of the Year Award" within 68 museums. 

Ethnography Museum : It is located in Ankara’s Namazgah district and it served as a cemetery for Atatürk’s body for 15 years. There are 1250 works in mausoleum which was completed in 1927. Some of these are the people's clothes, ornaments, shoes, clogs samples, various purses, embroideries, circles, men's belts, handkerchiefs, bed linen, bridal dresses and groom shaving sets. 

Ankara Ataturk House : This house has the same shape and dimensions with the house of Atatürk in Thessaloniki. The museum was opened in 1981. The museum consists of 3 floors and there are artifacts which belong Atatürk.

Ankara University, Faculty of Education, "Toy Museum". The museum is opened in Ankara on April 20, 1920. There are a thousand and five hundred kinds of toys. The museum also serves as a center of research and education.

Atatürk’s Place, Museum Mansion : This building is started to serve as a museum in 1921 under the leadership of Muftü Hodja Rifat Börekçi. Atatürk lived in this place for a long time.

Beypazari Cultural and Historical Museum : This historical house converted into museum after the donation of its real owner Hafiz Mehmet Nurettin Karaoguz. There are various Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman artifacts in the museum. 

Egit-Der Special Education Museum : It was established in Ankara in order to compile and ensure the permanence of products which are related to education on April 17, 1995. 

Gordion Museum : It was founded near the village Yassihöyük in 1963 with the population of 500 inhabitants. The museum exhibition is presented chronologically; the Works of early Bronze Age, early Phrygian Period works and early Iron Age artifact are on display such as hand-made pots and iron tools. 

MTA Historical Natural Museum : The 70 years museum was established with the directives of Atatürk with the name Mine Research and Exploration Institute. The museum has 10,800 m2 area and 2 floors. On the first floor, there are carnivorous dinosaur Allosaurus, Mastodon, Maras Elephant, the whale skeleton, Turkish fauna and flora animals, Vertebrate and invertebrate Paleontology parts and natural cave. On the second floor (Department of Mineralogy and Petrography), there are about 2000 mine, rock samples and ornamental Stones are on display.

Independence War and Republic Museum : It was opened in the first Turkey Grand National Assembly building in 1961 in Ulus. There are Independence War maps, plans of the museum, photos, ethnographic artifacts, historical money and stamps, military vehicles and equipment, manuscript books, medals and orders in the museum

Ankara Castle : History of the castle is as old as the history of the city and it is thought that Roman built that castle. It has towers more than twenty and 2 gates. One of the Gates is known as outdoor and the other one is known as hisar door.

Kalecik Castle : It is 78 kn far from Ankara city centre. It is located on the way to Çankiri. It is on a hill that is dominating the city.

Column of Julian : It is located next to the governor’s Office and its pool. It is 15 m high. It is thought that Emperor Julian have built that castle in A.C 361. There is no inscription on the column but there are a lot of rings on the body part.

Temple of Augustus : It was built in the name of the Phrygian Goddess Men in B.C II. Century. The temple is next to Haci Bayram Mosque. There are four walls which are surrounded by four columns (lengthwise on five, six pieces of the cross). There are four column places in front of the door and two at behind. There is Augustus will about his works on the wall. 

Altinpark (Goldpark) : Altinpark is serving to public with its 640 thousand m2 International Exhibition Center, Science Center, Outdoor Sports Areas, Turkish, Italian and Chinese restaurants, Cultural Center, Pond and gardens, green houses, the Olympic Swimming Pool, Backgammon and Mini Golf Course field.

Transportation : Istanbul is 450 km, Izmir 600 km, Antalya 570 km, Konya 290 km and Samsun is 450 km far from Ankara.
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