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Alanya has about 95,000 population and 175.658h area. It is 135 km far from Antalya city center. Alanya has the longest beach on the Mediterranean coast. Alanya is a spectacular city. There are Taurus Mountains on the north of the city. On the south there are Alanya is covered with the walls which are 6500 meters long. Alanya is a natural harbor city. It has 70 km coast and it has an important geographic position. This city is a famous tourist resort with its thin sand, blue flag beaches, historical and cultural beauties and its warm climate. 

Alanya Towns

Avsallar: This city is 24 km far from Alanya. Thanks to its position in the city, it is an important tourism center. There are a lot of touristic resorts on its 5 km coast. 

Cikcilli : It is 3 km far from city center and it has about 4000 population. 
Demirtas : It is 25 km far from Alanya. It contains 22 villages and a population of 2900.
Emisbeleni : This town is 24 km far from Alanya with its 2500 population.
Kargicak : This town is 20 km far from Alanya with its 2800 population.
Çiplakli : This town is 8 km far from Alanya with its 2800 population.
Kestel : This town is 7 km far from Alanya with its 6800 population.
Tosmur: It is 8 km to Alanya and it is a touristic coastal town.

In addition:

Oba : 6 km. 
Okurcalar : 30 km. 
Payallar : 22 km. 
Türkler : 20 km. 
Yesilköy : 27 km. 
Güzelbag : 41 km.


Alanya was first given the name Kalanoros in Byzantine period, castles and churches around the city were established during Arab invasion in 6th and 7th centur A.C. Seljuk Sultan Aleaddin Keykubat captured the castle in 1221and built a palace here for himself and changed the name of the city as Alaiye. In 1277, Egypt Memluks entered Anatolia and Seljuks become weaker, then Sultan of Karamanogullari exchanged the city for gold to Memluk Sultan. In 1471, Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered the city and the city became a town of Antalya. After the proclamation of Turkish Republik, Atatürk visited the city and the city has given the name of Alanya. 


Alanya Castle: The castle is on a peninsula about 250 m high and covered with walls about 6,5 km long. The tower was constructed by Seljuks in 1221 and there is a Citadel which is used as an open museum. You can climb to the castle in one hour and it is also open to traffic.
Kizil Kule (Red Tower): In 1226, Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat built this castle. It took the name of Red Tower because it was built by red bricks. Each wall on the structure is octagonal and 12,5 meters width and 33 meters high. There are five stairs and are climbed with 85 stairs. The tower was built to protect the harbor against attacks from the sea. The Red Tower opened to visitors in 1979 and its first floor converted to the Museum of Ethnography.

Tersane (Boatyard) : In 1227, Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat built this structure. This is the first boatyard of Seljuks in Mediterranean Sea. There is a rigging of Sultan Keykubat on an inscription at the entrance gate. The dockyard is 44 meters depth and has an 56,5 meters of façade.

Alarahan : It is 800 meters far from Alara Castle and next to the Alara River. It was built by Seljuks in 1232. It is located on a place of 2000 m2. There are guard boots and accommodation room in this magnificent structure. Today it is used as a restaurant and a shopping center.

Alara Castle : The castle was built in 1232 by Sultan Keykubat, it is on the west of Alanya and 37 km far from the city and it is 9 km from the sea. There are tunnels which were made of rocks by carving. There are also a small palace, the rooms of the castle workers, mosques and baths. 

Archaeological Museum : There are 1 open and 14 indoor area in the museum. In one of two parts of the museum, there are artifacts belonging to Phrygian, Lydian, Greek and Byzantine. A collection of money which are suppressed behalf of the monarchs. You can see thestatue of Heracles which belongs to 2nd century. In the 2nd part of the museum, there are Ottoman and Seljuk era artifacts, old Alanya house rooms, Bronze Age, Urartu, Lydia, works of the Roman period, the museum garden, plants, fruit and are animal species.
Ehdemek: It was built by Seljuks in 1227. The castle takes its names from the construction master who is known as “Ehdemek”. The castle designed in order to avoid attacks against the Sultan’s palace which is in the inner one. It consists of two parts and three towers. 

Darphane (Mint) : It is built at the tip of the peninsula. It has a length of 400 meters. It is thought that, one of the buildings on the nose of Cilvarda is from 11th century and the other was used as monastery. 

Bedesten (Bazaar) : It is in the castle and thought that it was built as an inn by Karamanogullari. The structure is made of cut stone and it has 26 rooms and a 35 meters courtyard. This historic building is operated as a restaurant, hotel and cafe today. In addition, it is possible to see castle walls, coastline and the Taurus Mountains from the garden of the structure.


Damlatas Cave : It was found during the opening of quarry in order to construct a port in 1948. It is 50 meters high and 15 meters width. It consists of semi-cryristal limestone. The stalactites and stalagmites in the cave are said to be 15 thousand years.

Dim Cave : It is 12 km east from Alanya and located at the foot of Jebel-i Reis Mountain. It is the second biggest cave in Turkey with its 1649 meters of height. It was opened in 1998. 1 million years old cave is said to be an altitude of 232 meters.

Kadiini Cave : It is located on the 15 km east of Alanya. Archaeologists found human skeletons and fossils during a research which belong to 20 thousands years ago.

Korsanlar Magarasi (Pirates Cave) : It is located at the foot of historic peninsula where Alanya Castle is also located. It is 10 meters wide and 6 meters high an done can only enter the cave by swimming or boat.

Asiklar Magarasi (Lovers Cave) : The cave has two entrances and it is 75 meters long. It is on the seaside of the historic peninsula. After the boats alongside the rocks, it is reached by slimbing the rocks and then one can enter the cave by leaning.

Fosforlu Magara (Phosphorus Cave) : It is a sea cave on the slope of the peninsula. Its ground is bright because of the reflection of moonlight at night. It takes its name from this feature an done can visit the cave by boats. 


Alara Beach : It is on the Karaburun Bay with its 2 km long sandy beach. In addition, there is an islet in the bay.

Incekum Beach : Is is one km lond and it is famous with its sand type.

Konakli Beach : It is 10 km long. There are sandy beaches and small cliffs. It has a lot of touristic facilities on the edge. 

Portakal Plaji (Orange Beach) : The beach is famous for its blue flag sea. It is at the east side of the city and 1 km long.

Cleopatra Beach : It is also blue flag and located in front of the coast of Damlatas Cave. This beach was named after Egyptian Queen Cleopatra swam here.Take a car hire,rental car Alanya and get  private tour with your family.


Alanya organizes a lot of international sport activities such as marathon swimming, mountain biking, beach volleyball, beach football. In addition, the International Triathlonraces, the International Swimming Marathon, the International Handball Beach and the International Open Area are organized in Alanya.Prive tour organisation is available  with family car rental in Alanya.Car rental services ,car hire Alanya ,jeep safari tour is best organisation in Alanya ,Avsallar ,Mamutlarin around of Alanya.


Alanya is 135 km far from Antalya, 855 km from Istanbul, 690 km from Ankara, 450 km from Mugla, 350 km from Mersin and 600 km from Izmir. It is 130 km far from Antalya airport.