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Adana has been mentioned frequently with its quality restaurants, luxury hotels, shopping centers, night clubs, beaches, greenery, architecture and modern city life.

Adana is a charming city where transportations is very easy. It is the fifth biggest city of Turkey with its 17,253 km area and nearly 2 million population.

Adana is stated in Çukurova and it is 23 m above the sea level. Adana has 160 km long coast to Mediterranean Sea. With cotton production in agriculture, it has a worldwide reputation.

Adana’s neighbor cities are; Osmaniye (90 km.), Hatay (190 km.), K.Maras (187 km.), Kayseri (332 km.), Nigde (205 km.) and Icel (70 km.).


According to legends, the name of the city becomes from the god Uranus’s son Udanus. Adana’s history began B.C. In XII. century city taken by Memluks and in 1841 as a result of the Treaty of London it became an Ottoman state. Despite being occupied by Frenchs in First World War in 1922, as a result of resistance the city was evacuated. Thus, Adana was the center of 10 different civilizations till today.
From ancient times to present day, the roads which connect Balkans and Anatolia to Syria and Mesopotamia pass through Adana. It is the trading center of neighbor countries (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Israel).



This ancient town is 105 km far from Adana. City’s best known places are Kirik Kilise Harabeleri and Medieval Castle. Besides these beauties, Acisu and Bigbigi Cave are famous in this city.


It is 47 km far from Adana city center. The most important touristic places are Yilan Kale (Snake Castle), Ulucami (Grand Mosque), Mecidiye Camii (Mecidiye Mosque) and Durhasan Dede Türbesi (Durhasan Dede Mausoleum). Kurtkulagi Caravanserai is in Kurtkulagi district.


Feke is based on rough terrain which is at the foot of Taurus Mountains. Feke is an important rafting center which contribute significantly to the tourism of Göksu. One of the most important public poet Karacaoglan was born in Feke.


It is 45 km far from the Adana city center and its population is 43.361according to the general census. Over %80 of main revenue in the city comes from agriculture and animal husbandry. The most important touristic attraction in the city is Imamoglu underground city.


The city is 47 km far from Adana and it is located between Taurus Mountains which is standing as a bridge. There are also Nergizlik and Catalan dams in the region. 


This region is one of the most important place in Adana territory. It is 47 km far from the city center. The most important touristic places in this city are; Magarsus Orenyeri and Tuzla Akyatan Kus Cenneti (Bird Paradise).


It is 68 km far from the city center. This district is located on a semi-rough land on the upper plain of Adana plain. Kilgen river which is located on Kozan Dam led the development of the city. Dagilcak, which is 10 km far from Kozan is famous with resort locations and highlands.


Pozanti is famous for Cakit and Körkün rivers. It is 116 km far from the city center. It is a famous halting place thanks to its geographic features. Cukurova region is a plateau tourism center because the fauna in valleys and slopes of the mountains is rich.


Hacim is the old name of Saimbeyli. It is 156 km far from Adana city center. This town has an important role in Independence War. It is survived from Armenian occupation in 1920. Goksu River, which is a stream of Seyhan River is the most important source for the region. Important creeks of Goksu river are; Saimbeyli Creek, Dingir Creek, Dogu Creek, Gozum Creek, Tekkopru Creek, Zoplar Creek, Pagnik Creek and Belenerdi Creek.

It is one of the two central districts of Adana province. This town became and impostant trading center and resident for many civilizations with its historic structure.


The distance to Adana is 196 km. Historical sides of the town are; open-air theatre (Romans), Byzantine church ruins, the main gate of the temple of the goddess and the ancient city's historic structure, Alakapi.


This is a harbor city. It is 80 km far from Adana. During the summer months this town suffers from an influx of tourists. Historical monuments in the district: Castle of Ayas Sur and the Solomon Tower, Markopolo Pier and the Girl (Atlantic) Castle.


It is one of the most cotton-producing districts of Adana. At the same time, this town has pioneered the field of textile in Adana.


Kurt kulagi Caravanserai: On the caravan route of Adana - Halep.
Gön Hani Kapisi: It is next to Adana Arasta.
Misis Caravanserai: between the town of Adana and Ceyhan, Ceyhan River shore.
Bazaar: It is located in the center, in the bazaar and opposite to the Great Clock Tower.
Tuz Hani: It is next to the Adana Grand Mosque.
Karatas Menzil Hani: It is located on the hill overlooking the sea called market place.
Soluhan Caravanserai: It is on the old caravan route Kozan-Kayseri. It is located in the upper highway of Kozan and Feke in Suluhan Plateau. 
Kesirhan: It is 1 km far from the village of Adana called Altinova.


Adana Stone Bridge: This bridge connects Seyhan and Yüregir towns with 2000 years history.
Misis Bridge: This bridge is on Ceyhan River. It is the first Roman bridge in Anatolia.
German Bridge: This bridge is 200 m long and 99 m high. It is located in Hacikiri Village in Karaisali.


Adana Archaeology Museum is one of the ten oldest museums of Turkey and it is exhibited in the Greek Church in Kurukopru district. 
Ataturk Museum was opened on Seyhan Avenue in Subhi Pasha mansion in 1982.
Adana Ethnography Museum: The museum was founded in 1845, renovated in 1924 and then contiuned to serve in the city center.
Misis Mosaic Museum: It is 26 km far from adana and located between Adana-Ceyhan on the historic Silk Road.


Adana Castle: It is located in Tepebag and Kayalibag streets and it is known that the castle has the walls from Roman Empire.
Anavarza Castle: It is founded by the Assyrians in BC. IX. century, then passed Roman Empire.
Kozan Castle: The castle is in the middle of the town Kozan. It is founded on a steep hilland by the Assyrians.
Square Castle: It was built in 13th century. It is 5 km far from Kizildag plateau and 8 km far from Kalkat plateau. 
Yilanli Castle: The castle was built by the Crusaders, between Misis and Ceyhan.


Ceyhan River: Adana is stated in Çukurova and it is 23 m above the sea level. Adana has 160 km long coast to Mediterranean Sea.
Seyhan River: The river is one of Turkey's largest and most important rivers, it is 560 km length. Its other stream combines with Goksu and reaches Mediterranean Sea.


Adana Kebab, turnip juice, Cartlar Kebab, Stuffed Meatballs, Raw Meat, Analikizli, Hummus, sikma, etli kömbe, dulavrat soup and soup of Adana are local meals.


Rafting: Goksu river, which is spilled in to the sea after combining Seyhan river, passes Tufanbeyli, Saimbeyli and Feke. This river is suitable for rafting with its appropriate flow.

Thermal tourism: Acisu drink in Aladag, Tahtaliköy in Ceyhan, Kokarpinar Drinks, are important tourism centers for Adana.

Hunting tourism: Mountain goat in the Taurus mountains, deer, wild pig, partridge, quail, rabbit, wild duck, wild goose hunting are some hunting tourism attractions in the region.

Fishing is being made in Çamlik and Yerkuma in Yumurtalik, Akyatan in Karatas, in Tuzla and in Burma.


Great Clock Tower,
Stone Bridge,
Oil Mosque and Madrasa,
Hasanaga Mosque
Kemeralti Mosque
Great Mosque Complex,
New Mosque
Bath Bazaar,
Anavarza ancient city
Ataturk and the Museum of Adana 
Shar called Cilicia Komana
A charming harbor city Ayas, Sirkeli hoyugu, and Bebekli Church..

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Today, air, land, sea and rail transport are available and transportation can be easily provided to Turkey and Europe.

Airline: Airport is only 3,5 km far from Adana city center. It started to serve in 1937. It has approximately 2,200,000 passenger capacity annually with 4 private airline company.

Railways: It has 1932 km length railway in total. Train services in the country, transportation to Europe an northern countries, middle east and south-eastern countries are provided by railways.

Sea transportation: Adana is one of the most important city with its sea transportation in Turkey. It has two big harbors in its borders. Open BOTAS port, Karatas port and Toros fertilizer factory provide oil and petrol transport internationally.