What to See in İstanbul

What to See in İstanbul
Istanbul, one of the oldest cities in the world, was the capital of the Roman Empire between 330-395, the Byzantine Empire between 395-1204, the Latin Empire between 1204-1261, the Byzantine Empire again between 1261-1453 and finally the Ottoman Empire between 1453-1922.[12] Istanbul was also the centre of the Islamic world from 1517, when the Caliphate passed to the Ottoman Empire, until 1924, when it was abolished.

Important information on the history of humanity has been obtained with the archaeological findings uncovered in recent years. Stone tools unearthed from Yarımburgaz Cave revealed that the traces of primitive human beings date back to 400,000 years ago] Excavations carried out on the Anatolian Side and related researches have shown that the first settled human community based on agriculture and animal husbandry in the city was the Fikirtepe Culture dating back to 5500 BC.  These archaeological findings are the oldest human traces not only in Istanbul but also in the entire Marmara Region.The first city-based settlements within the borders of Istanbul are Chalcedon on the Anatolian Side and Byzantion on the European Side. Istanbul, which served as the capital of the states under its sovereignty for hundreds of years before the Republican period, lost this feature when the capital was moved to Ankara on 13 October 1923; however, it continued to be the trade, industry, transportation, tourism, education, culture and art centre of the country.

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