Rental Terms




RENTAL PERIOD: The rental period must be minimum 1 day. On the other hand any delays up to 5 hours will be subject to a charge which is 1/5 of the daily rental. 

DRIVER’S AGE: To be able to hire economic group vehicles the driver should be minimum age 23, while age 25 for middle class vehicles and age 26 or more for minibus group vehicles.

LICENSE: For all groups, drivers should have minimum a 2 year driving license.

YOUNG DRIVER: Any drivers, under the required age, holding a 2 year license but who would like to hire vehicles of an upper class, can hire these vehicles by paying an additional 5.00 € per day as an  ‘additional premium for young drivers’.

ADDITIONAL DRIVER: Vehicles can be used by additional drivers other than the original hirer. Fee to be paid for additional drivers is daily 3.00 €. However identity and driving license details for addtional drivers have to be recorded in the section for additional drivers in the car hire contract. Both the rent a car company and the driver are liable for any damages the car may have or any harm that may be given to third parties resulting from an accident that those drivers whose license and identity details have not been written in the car hire contract may have.

FUEL POLICY: The hirer should return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as there was when the vehicle was first delivered. Otherwise, he will be liable to pay the difference.

DELIVERY/ACCEPTANCE OF THE VEHICLE: Vehicle delivery and acceptance service at all airports and cities of Turkey, is based on 24/7 principle.

-Full coverage insurance (within the exemption limits)
-Third Party Coverage (secures any pecunİary and nonpecuniary damages that may be caused on third parties, within the legal limits of the compulsory traffic insurance).
-Local taxes
-24 hour road assistance
-Periodic maintenance expenses
-Fire Insurance(based on the fire and polcie departmen reports)
-Theft insurance (within the coverage of police report)
-Airport service (24 hour vehicle delivery and acceptance services at airports in Turkey)

-One way fee, extra insurances, additional driver, baby seat, child seat, navigation, wi-fi (internet), highway, bridge tolls( HGS), carpark fees and traffic fines.

In case it is specified during booking, a baby seat, baby chair, navigation and wi-fi will be supplied.

Daily kilometre use is subject to a restriction for vehicles.

Daily  300 km for    1-7    day rentals.
Daily  250 km for    8-15  day rentals.
Daily  175 km for  16-21  day rentals
Daily  150 km for   22-28 day rentals.

Since special prices apply in case of long term or minimum one year rentals, the maximum rate for monthly kilometer use is 3500 km.
In case kilometre restriction is exceeded, including VAT 0,38 TL (thirty eight kuruş) shall apply per kilometre exceeded.

PAYMENT: In case an advance payment is made during booking, the balance can be paid as cash when the vehicle is delivered or by credit cad (Visa or MasterCard). Before the vehicle is taken, the whole payment must be made.

DEPOSIT/ PROVISION: During rental process, the hirer must have minimum one credit card (Visa or MasterCard) issued in his name. For economic group vehicles 1.000.00 TL ( one thousand  TL), for middle class vehicles 1.500.00 TL (one thousand five hundred TL) and for upper class vehicles 2.500.00 TL ( two thousand five hundred TL) is blocked through the hirer’s credit card as a pre-provision. These amounts indicate the minimum limits. These povision limits can be increased according to the model and total rental days. The provision amount is automatically released by the relevant bank wtithin 15-25 days following the termination of the rental period.

The provision charged through the hirer’s credit card, is taken for any speed limit violations, false parking fine or similar traffic penalties as well as any damages not covered under the the insurance policy. This is not a way to pay te rental.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND: No fee shall apply for bookings cancelled up to 24 hour before the starting date and the deposit which has been received is refunded in this case. 1 day rental is charged for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the starting date. In case during booking more than 1 day rental is received as a deposit after deducting 1 day rental fee, the balance is refunded to the relevant credit card.
EARLY LEAVE and RETURN The vehicle can be returned before the termination of the rental period. In such a case, with no regard to the remaining rental period, 1 day rental is deducted and the balance is refunded. If the payment is made by a credit card, the returned amount is deposited into the credit card account.

 Vehicles hired online may differ within the same category. For instance; if any vehicle from economy class is not availabe at a certain time, it can be replaced with another vehicle from the economy class. Furthermore, regarding a booking from economy class, in case there aren’t any vehicles left in the fleet, an upper class vehicle is provided for the said booking and no extra fee is charged.

-Financial liability against third parties, full coverage insurance with exemptions are included in the price.
-In case tthe vehicle is stolen during rental period, the hirer has to hand over the license and key of the vehicle to the car hire company. Otherwise it is considered a breach of trust pursuant to the insurance provisions and accordingly the vehicle becomes excluded from the insurance.

-Any damages on the windows, headlights and tyres of the vehicle are excluded from the policy coverage. Any damages that may occur on such parts of the vehicle should be paid by the hirer however these parts can be insured.

-Damages that may occur on the under frame of the vehicle resulting from crashing and friction are excluded form the insurance coverage.

-Faults and damages that may occur due to use of improper fuel are excluded from the insurance coverage. The hirer is solely liable to cover the expenses in order to repair the faults and damages resulting from putting or having put improper fuel in the vehicle.

-In case key of the vehicle is lost, broken or contacts with water and becomes unusable, repacement cost is excluded. The hirer also accepts in advance to meet the replacement cost of locking system.

-It is prohibited by law to drive having taken alcohol and drugs, as well as taking more passengers over the capacity of the vehicle. In case of any accident due to non-compliance with these prohibitions, no payment will be made by the insurance company besides all liabilities arising from the accdient and damages will belong to the hirer.

- Nobody can drive the vehicle unless his/her identity and license details are written in the rental contract. Otherwise all resulting legal liabilities and damages will be in the hirer’s responsibility.

- Under normal conditions any breakdown and damages that may arise due to use of the vehicle on undeveloped roads (roads other than urban roads, highway roads, divided roads and asphalt village roads) or off road, are excluded from the policy coverage and the hirer is liable to cover the breakdown and damages.

-Damges and breakdowns sourcing from misuse are excluded from the insurance coverage. Damages and breakdowns sourcing from misuse are inspected and approved by the authorized service.

While reserving your vehicle or at delivery, you will be offered some policies which will remove all risks from your shoulders while providing a quality drive and travel opportunity. You can ensure a risk free and safe journey by buying these policies. In case you buy these insurance policies, they will be separately mentioned in the rental contract.

The policy covers up to 500.00 TL any damages which have occured at parking sites and those occured due to rubbing the vehicle, but not due to an accident or crashing. It secures such damages without requiring the police or accident report. The hirer can take an insurance and render such damages up tp 500.00 TL without requiring a police report.


This covers any damages and replacement costs on windows, headlightes and tyres of the vehicles
The hirer frees himself from responsibility by providing an insurance coverage for damages on such components, however any cleavage occured as a result of the vehicle tyres crashing into somewhere or rubbing, are excluded from the coverage. This is included within the coverage of unincorporated accident insurance.

There exist some exemption costs ranging between 300.00 €  and 700.00 €  according to the reserved vehicle. The hirer accepts to pay the exemption fee which will be between 300.00 €  and 700.00 €  according to the reserved vehicle group in case of an accident, regardless of the total damage cost. 
The hirer can eliminate this exemption cost that will arsie in case of an accident by buying an incorporated accident insurance if he requests. If this insuance is bought, it will be recorded on the rental contract.

You can see all supplemental insurance options in the extra options section of the payment page.

In case of an accident, before the vehicle is moved from its position, pictures of the site have to be taken and police and gendermary forces must be informed. An officil accident report have to be held by the police and gendermary. Police or the gendermary will make a breath test and issue an alcohol report. The driver must be alcohol-free, otherwise all insurances will be invalid. In such a case the hirer is liable to pay for all the damages caused on the vehicle as well as damages and loss caused to the third parties.  

The accident should at the same time be notified to Turkey Car Hire company and accident reports ( accident site investigation report, alcohol report, copies of the licenses of the vehicles involved in the accident, drivers’ identity and license details, photos of the accident site taken from all sides, if any of the driver has come from abroad and has presented a passport instead of his identity, photocopy of the page indicating the date and gate of entry into the country with a seal and stamp) must be completely handed over to Turkish car hire company within 48 hours. Otherwise all insurances are considered invalid.

If the accident is caused jointly and the way it happened has been clarified by the parties, the accident site inspection report available in the car can be mutually filled in and undersigned. In this case, the hirer is still liable to give prior notice to Turkey Car Hire company and act in the way as instructed by Turkey Car Hire company.
If the accident and damage has happened at the parking site and the damage cost is exceeding the mini accident insurance security limits ( if a mini accident insurance has been purchased), still a police or gendermary report is required. Otherwise the hirer will be responsible for all the damage.

Penalties occured during the renal period such as Radar penalties, wrong parking penalties, other penalties recorded with the number plate due to misuse, are submitted to the vehicle owner, car hire company at a later date after the vehicle is returned. These penalties are charged to the credit card presented by the hirer for this purpose at the begining of the rental period and it is notified to the hirer.

Vehicles are not allowed to go abroad.