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Turkey Car Hire Company offers rent a car service in all major cities of Turkey. Samsun is one of big city in Turkey. We are glad to give limitless and high quality car hire service to our valuable customer from all over the world with more than 20 years of experience and reliable professional team. Our wide range of rental car fleet is meeting every kind of customer expectation.

We do not only offer rent a car service but we also offer transfer service, rent a family car, rent a jeep, rent a minibus, rent a station wagon, rent a minivan, rent a private car; all type of vehicles in our fleet well maintained periodically in authorised services.

Turkey Car Hire Company proud to be one of the first company comes to minds when said rent a car in Samsun and targeted to increase the service quality every new day.

Samsun does not only have a very special role in history during the establishment of Turkey but also has very important role in growing economy of Turkey as a trade centre of Black Sea region.

Samsun is called as a trade and culture centre in ancient era and continues to preserve these features also in today. Samsun has land, air, sea and rail transportation facilities so has a role of becoming a gateway in between Black Sea Region and central Anatolia. Samsun is one of big cities in Black Sea Region in means of population, industry, trade, natural and cultural property and richness. Yesilirmak and Kizilirmak rivers are giving live to Carsamba and Bafra plains' productive soil. Agricultural products of these places are main factor of Samsun's economical and industrial existence.


Samsun Carsamba Airport international terminal has 11 passport control counter 5 are in arrival and 6 are in departure terminals. 1 doctor, 1 medical assistant and ambulance is ready to give emergency medical service 24 hours. There are cafe-bar, restaurants, small shops and Car Hire Companies. There are transportation alternatives front of arrival terminal, further more our English spoken staff will be waiting you to give your Rental Car. Do not miss early booking prices and make your reservation. Airport is 25km away from city centre.


Samsun has a mild climate. . Days under 0°C is less than 20. Average precipitation is 733 mm. Temperature is around in between -8, 1°C and + 39°C changes. Mild weather, plenty of rain and richness of green are typical Samsun climate.


Ciftlik and Mecidiye streets and Saathane square are important shopping places of Samsun. Local clothes, handicrafts and many local specialities can be found there.


Samsun city centre and towns has many hotels and pensions for every budget.

Foods - Drink

Anchovy, haricot bean, corn and cabbage are main ingredients of city kitchen. Meat, rice and pastry varieties are very common also. A typical pizza called as "Samsun Pidesi" is world wide famous food.

Thermal Spring Tourism

As our leader M.Kemal Ataturk said "I recover my health in Havza thermal", Samsun has many thermal waters specially in Ladik And Havza towns.
Ladik Akdag Ski Centre if you like winter sports and look for an alternative place we offer you Ladik akdag winter sport and ski center.

Museums and Ruins

Samsun Archaeology and Ethnography Museum
Samsun Ataturk Museum
Gazi Museum
Kutlukent Ataturk House
Havza Ataturk House
Yeşilırmak River Basin Museums
Bandırma Ferry Ship Museum
Kurtulul Road and Tutun Port
Samsun National Striving Park and Open Air Museum
Dundantepe Ruins
Ikiztepe ruins
Tekkeköy Ruins
Sahinkaya Canyon

Sahinkaya Canyon supervene by building up Altinkaya Dump. This is in second biggest canyon of Turkey.
Ayvacik Lake
It is 40 km away from city center, it takes around 40-45 minutes to drive there with your rental car.
It has magnificent mountain and forest landscape and located in Yesilırmak river basin.
Asarkale and Rock Tombs
Asar Kale is in Kolay town of Bafra and near to Altınkaya Dump which is established in Kizilirmak Valley. Asar Kale is established in Hellenistic Age for defence against enemies. 3 tombs which has been sculptured to main rock assumed as belong to the same age.
If you would like to see geographical variants of Samsun, contact with us immediately and rent a car for your needs. You can have very good price rates if you Book your Rental Car earlier. Our rent a car services in Samsun as following; Rental automobile, Transfer,Family Car Hire, Jeep Hire, Minibus Hire, Station Wagon Hire, Minivan Hire, Private Car Hire.

We work for your comfort. You can reach us 24h/7days and ask for anything you need.

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Location one way fee
Pickup Location Drop Location Minimum Rental Duration One way fee Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaDalaman Airport7 day(s)157,22 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaFethiye7 day(s)153,21 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport Carsambaİstanbul Ataturk airport ınternational Terminal7 day(s)107,15 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport Carsambaİstanbul Ataturk Airport Domestic Terminal7 day(s)107,15 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport Carsambaİstanbul Airport Sabiha Gokcen7 day(s)95,13 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport Carsambaİzmir Adnan Menderes Airport7 day(s)153,21 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaAirport Bodrum7 day(s)150,21 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaAnkara Esenboga Airport7 day(s)58,08 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaAntalya Airport7 day(s)123,17 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaAntalya City Center7 day(s)97,74 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaAntalya Alanya1 day(s)0,00 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaKas7 day(s)133,19 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaKalkan7 day(s)135,19 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaKayseri Erkilet Airport7 day(s)70,10 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaAdana Airport7 day(s)102,14 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaKuşadasi7 day(s)151,21 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaMarmaris7 day(s)167,23 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaTrabzon Airport5 day(s)62,09 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaNevşehir Airport7 day(s)73,10 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaDenizli Airport Cardak7 day(s)125,18 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaSamsun Airport Carsamba1 day(s)0,00 €
Samsun Airport CarsambaKonya Airport7 day(s)87,12 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaKemer7 day(s)131,18 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaBursa Airport Yenisehir7 day(s)107,15 €Distance Calculation
Samsun Airport CarsambaBurdur7 day(s)119,17 €Distance Calculation